Minister for Culture Bertel Haarder

Bertel Geismar Haarder, born September 7th 1944 in Rønshoved, son of high school principal Hans Haarder and Agnete Haarder. Married to Birgitte, née Præstholm. The couple has four children.

Education and jobs

Graduate in political science, subject of thesis Grundtvig's view of freedom, Aarhus University, 1970.

Scholarship studies in the USA, from 1964 to 1965.

Matriculated, Sønderborg State School, 1964.

Lecturer, Aalborg Teacher Training College, from 1973 to 1975.

Teacher, Haderslev State Teacher Training College, from 1971 to 1973.

Teacher, Askov High School, from 1968 to 1973.

Parliamentary career

Member of Parliament for the Liberal Party since 1973.

Minister for Culture since June 28th 2015.

Minister for the Interior and Health from February 23rd 2010 to October 3rd 2011.

Minister of Education and Minister for Nordic Cooperation from November 23rd 2007 to February 23rd 2010.

Minister for Education and Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs from February 18th 2005 to November 23rd 2007.

Minister for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs and Minister for Development Cooperation from August 2nd 2004 to February 18th 2005.

Minister for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs from January 1st 2003 to August 2nd 2004.

Minister for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs and Minister without Portfolio (Minister for European Affairs) from November 27th 2001 to January 1st 2003.

Minister for Education and Research from September 10th 1987 to January 25th 1993.

Minister for Education from September 10th 1982 to September 10th 1987.

Member of the Presidium from September 30th 2011.

Vice-chairman of the Standings Orders Committee from 2011. Member of the Research, Education and Further Education Committee and the Ecclesiastical Affairs Committee from 2011. President of the Nordic Council 2011. Chairman of the Danish delegation to the Nordic Council from 2011. Member of the European Parliament 1994-2001. Vice-chairman of the European Parliament 1997-1999. Vice-chairman and foreign affairs spokesman of the European Parliament's Liberal Group, ELDR 1999-2001.


»Statskollektivisme og Spildproduktion«, (State Collectivism and Surplus Production), 1973

»Institutionernes Tyranni« (The Tyranny of the Institutions), 1974

»Den organiserede arbejdsløshed« (Organised Unemployment), 1975

»Danskerne år 2002« (The Danes in the Year 2002), 1977

»Midt i en klynketid« (In the Middle of a Period of Whimpering), 1980

»Grænser for politik« (Limits to Politics), 1990

»Slip friheden løs« (Release Freedom), 1990

»Lille land, hvad nu?« (Little Country – What Now?), 1994

»Den bløde kynisme« (Soft Cynicism), 1997

»Op mod strømmen - med højskolen i ryggen« (Against the tide – backed by the Danish folk high school), 2012.

Co-author of the Liberal Party's policy programme, 1979

»Kampen om gymnasiet« (The Struggle for the Upper Secondary School), 1982

»Ny liberalismen – og dens rødder« (New Liberalism – and its Roots), 1982

The human rights report of the European Parliament, 1998-1999

The Liberal Party's EU programme, 2001.