Åbning af dansebiennalen ICE HOT

Mette Bocks tale ved åbningen af dansebiennalen ICE HOT i Dansehallerne i København.

(Det talte ord gælder)
(Check against delivery)

Dear guests, dear directors, dear dancers –

Welcome to the opening night of the ICE HOT festival!

This bi-annual festival features some of the best modern dance companies the Nordic countries have to offer.

And that is saying quite a lot!

We in the Nordic region have a lot to be proud of. 

Our art and culture have become international brands: 

We have “Nordic Cuisine” for the tasty food. 

“Nordic Design” for the beautiful furniture and architecture. And “Nordic Noir” for the dark and scary crime novels and television shows.

Throughout the world the Nordic countries are often seen as one region. It is mostly ourselves that can spot the differences. And in reality our differences are much smaller than we think they are. 

We have many values in common to show the world. And we all gain by working together to join forces and punch above our weight.

For the next five days, dance will take center stage. 

ICE HOT features twenty shows with dance companies from the Nordic countries.

We are honored to welcome an impressive number of professional, international guests to Copenhagen.

It is a great idea to invite the international world of dance to a changing scene of Nordic cities.

You – our guests – will experience Nordic dance ’on location’.

You will have a chance to enjoy our great cooking. You might enjoy the garbled sounds of our languages. Hopefully you experience our cool but welcoming hospitality. 

And maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of our common, Nordic history.

As an art form, dance is by definition international. Choreography is a language anyone can understand. Dance is a unique language all its own.

Modern dance in particular draws on inspiration from all parts of the world. It seeks new patterns of movement, far removed from the tradition of classic ballet.

Modern dance is not only one technique or one system. 

It is a multitude of individual and original expressions. It is the art of the moment.

The Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen is famous for his fairy tales. What is less well known is that Andersen actually dreamt of becoming a dancer.

Anyone who has seen a picture of him will immediately understand that that dream was difficult to achieve. 

His long legs and stork-like physique were anything but graceful.

And yet, he actually took lessons at the Royal Theatre’s school of ballet for a few years.

In the end, he had to give up his dream of the stage. That was our luck – because he became a writer instead. But perhaps we can see some of the grace and imagination of dance in his world famous fairy tales.  

Right now we are in my opinion living through another kind of fairy tale. The Nordic region is becoming known throughout the world because of the richness of our artistic expressions. We should be grateful for that. 

The Nordic countries are now both HOT and COOL – and even ICE HOT!

Have a great festival!