EU Sports Ministers Conference, Århus 21-22 November 2002

Opening of the conference - The Ministers welcomed the progress report by the Danish Presidency and Commissioner Reding



  • The Ministers welcomed the second draft of the World Anti-Doping Code.
  • The Ministers welcomed the initiatives, which have been taken to form a procedure for a political and moral governmental commitment to a global anti-doping policy in parallel to the sports world’s commitment to a world anti-doping code.
  • The Ministers agreed that this commitment should be expressed during the upcoming IICGADS-meeting in Moscow in December 2002.
  • The Ministers committed themselves to work in a constructive dialogue to achieve the best possible instrument for the continued process to sustain international intergovernmental cooperation in advancing harmonisation in anti-doping policies and practices and to formalise governments’ relationship to the WADA in terms of governance and funding.
  • The Ministers expressed the necessity of full transparency in WADA’s organisation.
  • In order to provide a proper basis for further discussions, The Member States expressed their wish to examine in depth their possibilities at national level of adopting a Memorandum of Understanding on Anti-Doping in Sport.
  • The Danish Presidency in cooperation with the incoming Greek Presidency and the Commission offered to organise and host an informal meeting between Sports Ministers at the end of February 2003 in order to coordinate Member States positions at the WADA World conference in Copenhagen. Sports Directors will carry out necessary preparatory work.
  • The Ministers expressed their desire to take further steps towards a formal intergovernmental commitment to the global fight against doping including a formal recognition of WADA. It could inter alia be in the form of a global anti-doping convention.
  • Ministers took note of the fact that all Member States have paid or soon will pay their financial contribution to WADA and will continue to do so in 2003.
  • The Ministers took note of the interim solution for 2002 and 2003 for the financing of WADA and confirmed their wish to seek and develop a more permanent solution on the question of financing WADA.
  • Concerning European representation on WADA’s Foundation Board and in the Executive Committee the Member States expressed their desire to speak with one voice.
  • The Ministers encouraged The Danish Presidency to promote a fifth seat for Europe in the WADA Foundation Board.
  • Following the Sports Ministers meeting in Almeria and Warsaw where Member States agreed on the following conditions for European repre-sentation in WADA’s Foundation Board:
  • The Ministers welcomed the possibility of having a fifth seat for Europe on WADA’s Foundation Board.
  • If Europe is allocated a fifth seat on the board, it should be allocated to the EU, and held by the troika governments.
  • The Ministers took note of the designation of Brian Mikkelsen to represent Europe at the WADA Executive Committee.
  • When a country within the EU organises Olympic Games, a close cooperation is established between this country and the troika concerning the work within WADA’s Foundation Board.
  • If a government has not paid its contribution to WADA, it cannot represent Europe on WADA’s Foundation Board or in expert committees.

Voluntary Work in Sport


  • Recalling the Nice Declaration the Member States endorsed the initiative by the Presidency to form a declaration from the Sports Ministers conference in Aarhus expressing a strong signal to the sports federations of gov-ernmental support to the values of voluntary work in sport.

The European Convention


  • The Ministers took note of the French intervention on the future status of sport in the EU to be sent to the European Convention on an article on sport in the future Treaty, as well as the different opinions expressed in a broad debate on the future of this question.

The Greek Presidency


  • The Ministers took note of the presentation of the working plan of the coming Greek Presidency.