Denmark's Creative Potential

Forfatter: The Danish Ministry of Culture
Årstal: 2000
Udgiver: The Danish Ministry of Culture
ISBN: 87-988222-2-5
Elektronisk ISBN: 87-988222-3-3
Antal sider: 136
Publikationstype: Redegørelse
Udgivelsesform: Elektronisk

With Denmark’s Creative Potential, Culture and Business Policy Report the Government is setting its sights on interaction between culture and industry. Two worlds traditionally separate but which are now beginning to converge. This cultural and business policy report presents several recent studies of:


  • Culture as business
  • Creative interaction between the arts and commercial enterprises
  • Culture’s importance to regional development


The report suggests that closer interaction between culture and industry can trigger a new social dynamic, which will, at one and the same time, strengthen culture and the arts, offering new opportunities for development, and add impetus to industrial development marked by innovation, creativity and resourcefulness. The report doubles as a cultural and business policy strategy and vision, embracing an ideas catalogue putting forward 13 concrete initiatives to help release the tremendous potential inherent in interaction between culture and industry.