Women at the Top

Forfatter: Gertrud Pfister, Laila Ottesen and Ulla Habermann
Årstal: 2003
Udgiver: Institute for Exercise and Sport Sciences University of Copenhagen
Antal sider: 15 (Summary)
Publikationstype: Rapport
Udgivelsesform: Elektronisk
Akkvisition: Gratis

The project Women at the Top deals with women and voluntary leadership within sport. The purpose of the project is to document and analyze the reasons for women’s under-representation among voluntary sports leaders.

The objective is to contribute to improving the conditions for both women and men in sports management, to increase the number of female leaders in sport, and to better exploit women’s experience and resources.

The results of the project are meant to form a basis for the development of specific perspectives and strategies.

The sports federations involved in the study are he National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark (DIF), the Danish Gymnastics and Sports Association (DGI), the Danish Workers’ Sports Federation (DFIF), and Team Danmark (TD).

The entire study consists of:  

  • Mapping of the current situation
  • A comparative analysis of international trends
  • Questionnaire to all female and approximately half of the male leaders in the Danish sports federations


First subreport: Mapping 

Second subreport: Women in Sports Management
– a Comparative Analysis of International Trends

Third subreport: The First Results