The Sport for All Committee

Forfatter: The Sport for All Committee
Årstal: 2009
Udgiver: Kulturministeriet
Antal sider: 34
Format: A4
Publikationstype: Rapport
Udgivelsesform: Elektronisk
Akkvisition: Gratis

There is a solid basis for recreational sports in Denmark, which can be defined as the sum total of the sports and exercise activities of the general population. Denmark practically has the world record in sports facilities per capita. Sports organizations and clubs enjoy a high level of public support. There is a well-developed club culture, including a great number of voluntary leaders and a long list of opportunities to engage in sports and exercise offered by commercial enterprises (e.g. fitness centres) and recreational areas. The level of participation in the general population in sports and exercise is high.

Sport is changing rapidly and becoming ever broader. New actors are constantly emerging. The promotion of health and preventive measures plays a more prominent role in the reasons indicated for engaging in sports and promoting recreational sports; a tendency also seen internationally, where the EU and WHO have been among the voices calling for sports and exercise to be placed at the top of the agenda as part of health policy. And the patterns of participation in sports are changing in the general population.

That was the background for the government decision to establish the Sport for All Committee on July 3, 2007. The committee received a mandate to analyze the significance of these current features of development in recreational sports and to provide proposals for promoting participation in sports among the general population on the background of this analysis.

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