Welcome to Team Culture 2012

Forfatter: Kulturministeriet
Årstal: 2012
Udgiver: Kulturministeriet
Antal sider: 22
Format: A4
Udgivelsesform: Elektronisk

The present crisis is about much more than economy, finances or debt. In reality it represents a much deeper crisis in our European values. To us – the members of Team Culture 2012 – it is clear that we as Europeans have lost our vision of the good society. The crisis shows us how materialism, selfishness and nationalism have overshadowed our fundamental cultural values of enlightenment, solidarity and humanism.

In this pamphlet you will find both the manifesto of Team Culture (“Turn To Culture” it is called) and a presentation of the team members and their individual cases. At the Team Culture website you will be able to find all the presentations from the June 6 session, as well as a lot more material.