Danish architectural policy - Putting people first

Forfatter: The danish government
Årstal: 2014
Udgiver: Ministry of Culture
Antal sider: 62 p
Format: A4
Publikationstype: Strategy
Udgivelsesform: Gratis, Elektronisk

Architecture is for people. It sets the framework for our lives and it affects us with its values and ideals.

The architectural policy has been developed in close cooperation between a number of ministries and stakeholders. It launches 64 specific initiatives in different ministerial fields of responsibility. The policy was presented at an event in February 2014. 

Some of the initiatives in "Putting People First" focus on strengthening citizens’ experience of architecture and their participation in democratic processes. Other initiatives focus on how architecture can promote sustainability and quality of life - environmentally, socially, and culturally. Other initiatives are focused on education and innovation, on architecture as a growth industry and on Danish architecture’s international potential.

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