In Denmark, the following areas are within the fields of responsibility of the Ministry of Culture: Visual Art, Music, Theatre, Film, Libraries, Education in the Arts, Archives, Museums, Zoological Facilities, Cultural Environment, Sport, Broadcasting and Copyright.

Activities within the areas mentioned above are financed in whole or in part by the public. The money derives from the three sources:

  • taxes, 
  • licence fees and 
  • profits from the national lottery and football pools.

While tax resources and lottery profits are used to support the arts, culture and sports, licence fees are used to finance public service broadcasting on radio and television. 

Public subsidies to culture are divided among two levels of public administration in Denmark: the central government and municipal councils.

Subsidies for individual cultural goals vary a great deal among different financial sources. For example, theatre is primarily financed by the State, while libraries receive most of their subsidies from municipal councils, and sports is typically financed by municipal resources and lottery proceeds.

Updated 23. June 2022